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The original Australian designed bugeaters for pest control. This bug catcher controls mosquitoes without pesticides or insecticides, safe for organic pest control, because the only chemical it uses is household detergent. Unlike mosquito magnets, it requires no refills. It does not blast bits of bug bodies all over the place, like the mosquito zapper, so it is safe in food areas. No high voltage grid and no poisons, so it is safe to leave the bug eater in the backyard.

Our new Bug Catcher labelBug Eater registered trade mark
Kills all these:mosquitoweevilsandflymothgrubfleas

Uses a specific frequency black UV light
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Insects are lured to the bugeater by a 8 watt ultra-violet black light, specially formulated to attract biting insects. As the insects approach the light, they are blown into the water tray below, by the fan. A couple of drops of liquid detergent is added to the tray of the mosquito trap, to break the surface tension of the water, the insect is unable to float on the water so it drowns

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AUD$179 + freight
Our base model now is 240 volt built-in
 38cm wide x 20cm high x 23cm deep
. The Bugeater is designed in Australia
Don't buy the cheap imitations that are being imported from China, like Ridabug and Bugvac
is an enterprise of J&W Carmichael

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53a High Street, Taree NSW Australia 2430
PO Box 1171 Bowral NSW 2576
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If you were looking for a bug zapper, then read the evidence on why a bug zapper is not only useless, but potentially dangerous as well.

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  No zapping - the Bug eater kills by drowning

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