Electronic Mouse Repeller

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Will your pet hear the sound of this ultrasonic mouse repeller?
What audio frequencies can my pet hear

Hearing frequency ranges table for mice, cats, dogs, birds, and other pets*

Species Approx Range (Hz)  The Ratsonic audio mouse repellent emits varying audio frequencies between 30-65 KHz
porpoise 75-150,000

If your pet can hear it, it doesn't necessarily mean it is disturbed by it
- please read the notes below:

Hearing range of pets in Mhz

Dogs: Not concerned by it- has been used in Vet kennels
Cats: Not concerned, but won't go very close to it
Australian possum: Not repelled- when presented with the Ratsonic, came closer to see what it was!
Bandicoot: One of our customers reports success deterring bandicoots
Horses: unknown, but only just in their hearing range
Birds: The ratsonic operates well outside their hearing range

bat 2,000-110,000 
mouse 1,000-91,000 
rat 200-76,000 
cat 45-64,000 
opossum 500-64,000 
guinea pig 54-50,000 
dog 67-45,000 
ferret 16-44,000 
rabbit 360-42,000 
cow 23-35,000 
horse 55-33,500 
sheep 100-30,000 
human 64-23,000
elephant 16-12,000 
owl  200-12,000 
parakeet  200-8,500 
canary  250-8,000 
cockatiel 250-8,000 
catfish  50-4,000 
tree frog 50-4,000 
bullfrog  100-3,000 
goldfish 20-3,000 
chicken  125-2,000 
tuna  50-1,100 

*The information in this table and the data for the graph come from this source

sonic mouse repeller When it gets colder mice come in looking for warmth and food. In Spring they want to nest. Force them back out!

Mice & rats hate these sounds

"I think that the Ratsonic Mouse Repellers are the best thing out. I have tried everything". read more

"We haven't heard a rat since. It beats poison and traps hands down!" . read more

"The first time in 35 years we have not had mice in the house! Amazing. I am so grateful. Thanks"

Humane mouse control. An environmentally friendly way to combat rodents. Rat poison can harm dogs, poisoned mice can harm owls and snakes. Activate the Ratsonic in a room or shed, and the rats and mice will avoid that area- no poisons! Finally an electronuc mouse repeller that works because it uses varying frequencies. To the mouse its like listening to an ear piercing burglar alarm that can't be turned off. Not the sort of place you'd set up home and raise baby mice!


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